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Cybersecurity in Lithuania at a glance

Providing best-in-class cybersecurity services requires fast, reliable infrastructure and smart, flexible IT talent. Lithuania, now ranked 6th globally in the National Cybersecurity Index and 4th in the EU in ITU Global Cybersecurity Index, offers both: EU-leading connectivity and internet speeds, and a strong pipeline of dedicated IT specialists.

  • Cybersecurity Index
    National Cybersecurity Index
    Source: e-Governance Academy Foundation, 2021
  • Cybersecurity ranking
    ITU Global Cybersecurity Index
    Source: International Communication Unit, 2020

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Reasons to choose Lithuania

1. Leadership in cybersecurity


  • Efficient national cybersecurity model

    Lithuania offers:

    • A functioning national cybersecurity model consolidated by the Ministry of Defense.
    • An advanced cyber threat response system tailored to protect individuals, businesses, critical infrastructure, the government, and military.
    • A National Cybersecurity Centre with unique in-house R&D capabilities providing expertise, quick decision-making and response.
    Source: National Cybersecurity Status Report 2020
  • Participation in international initiatives

    Cyber Rapid Response Teams (developed under PESCO) & Regional Cyber Defense Centre: two Lithuanian-led flagship projects dedicated to developing innovative cyber capabilities aimed to support EU Member States, partners, institutions, and common security policy missions.

    Source: National Cybersecurity Status Report 2020
  • Cybersecurity initiatives in both private & public sectors

    A robust private-public security network system comprising state institutions and stakeholders, including a direct cooperation between Ministry of Defense and Lithuania’s largest news, web, and media portals.

    Source: National Cybersecurity Status Report 2020
  • Enabling 5G security

    A commitment to comply with the EU and NATO recommendations on ensuring the security of 5G infrastructure and other 5G Development Guidelines (2020-2025) underlying the maintenance of highest security standards and a coordinated approach.

    Source: National Cybersecurity Status Report 2020

2. IT talent pool

  • ICT Specialists
    ICT professionals in Lithuania
    Source: Government Strategic Analysis Centre, 2020
  • IT Students
    IT students
    Source: Ministry of Education Science and Sport, 2020
  • 2,500
    new IT specialists annually from retraining programs
    Source: Infobalt, 2018
  • Graduates
    IT graduates annually
    Source: Ministry of Education Science and Sport, 2020Source: Ministry of Education Science and Sport, 2020

3. Cyber study programmes

  • Cybersecurity Study Programs
    MSc in Information and IT Security
  • Cybersecurity Study Programs
    MSc in Cybersecurity Management
    Mykolas Romeris University
  • Cybersecurity Study Programs
    MSc in Information and Information Technology Security
    Kaunas University of Technology
  • Cybersecurity Study Programs
    BSc in Information Systems and Cyber Security
    Vilnius University

4. Digital infrastructure: fast, reliable and affordable

  • Technical Skills
    for digital / technological skills availability
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2021
  • 4G Coverage
    Leaders in 4G
    One of the best in 4G Internet coverage in the EU and worldwide
    Source: DESI report, 2020
  • Public Wifi
    The fastest
    public WiFi in the world
    Source:, 2020
  • Fiber Optic Coverage
    2nd in the EU
    for fiber optic (FTTP/FTTB) coverage in the EU
    Source: FTTH Council Europe - Panaroma, 2019

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