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With a talent pool that speaks 35 languages and comes prepped with the knowledge your business needs, Lithuania is ready to help build and grow your business. Fast to learn – our people can reach professional competence in Norwegian from zero knowledge in 6 months – and faster to succeed. So if it’s a great team you are looking for, look no further than Lithuania.

With Kaunas Technology University (KTU), the largest technical university in the Baltic states preparing highly-educated specialists, Lithuania is dramatically diversifying the range of services covered by its GBS sector. The wealth and availability of Engineering talent has enabled Engineering service centers to grow and expand in Lithuania.

GBS engineering ecosystem
GBS Engineering Ecosystem

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Reasons to choose Lithuania

Talent Pool

  • Women Engineers And Scientists
    1st in the EU
    57% of scientists and engineers are women
    Source: Eurostat, 2019
  • STEM Education
    2nd in EU
    for the share of students choosing STEM
    Source: Eurostat, 2018
  • Technical Skills
    1st globally
    for digital skills availability
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, IMD World Competitiveness Center, 2023
Electronics Talent

Continuous focus on talent development

The joint business, education and public sector “Future for Electronics Engineers” initiative aims to double the number of new engineering students in Kaunas in the next two years and encourage high-school graduates to choose one of the most promising profession of the next several decades. The four largest electronic component manufacturing companies in Kaunas region – Continental Automotive Lithuania, HELLA Lithuania, Kitron, and Littelfuse LT decided to join forces together with Kaunas IN, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Kaunas Technical College (KTK).

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