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Lithuania's tech
sector at a glance

Tech In Lithuania

Lithuania has become a regional centre of excellence for global technology companies looking to harness the quality competences the country has to offer – whether it’s in the fields of software engineering, game development, AI-driven solutions, fintech product development or compliance & AML. And the sector is not only rich in expertise, it is also a hub of innovation. Lithuania has one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the region. The number of start-ups has more than doubled over the last decade to 1000+ and there are now over 200 Fintechs operating here, making it the 2nd largest Fintech hub in Europe by the number of licensed companies.

  • Fintech Ranking
    Lithuania’s position in the Global Fintech Ranking
    Source: Global Fintech Index 2021
  • Startup Attraction
    Global ranking of Vilnius in Tech Startups FDI Attraction Index
    Source: FDI Intelligence, Tech Start-up FDI Attraction Index 2019
  • ICT Specialists
    ICT specialists employed
    Source: Government Strategic Analysis Center, 2020
  • Education
    3rd in the EU
    for the share of population with higher education
    Source: Eurostat, 2019

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Target sectors

This page contains an overview of the whole Tech landscape in Lithuania. If you want deeper insights on what Lithuania has to offer to each of the following sectors, continue exploring here:

  • Fintech hero image

    Fintech. With a streamlined licensing process, global players and strong institutional support, Lithuania is Fintech ready.

  • Cybersecurity hero image

    Lithuania’s ecosystem boasts rapid infrastructure and a deep pool of talent who deliver critical services for global tech giants.

  • Software Engineering
    Software engineering

    Looking for best-in-class IT talent, a young and inclusive tech community and a great quality-to-cost ratio? Lithuania covers all bases.

  • Gavedev
    Game development

    For Gamedev, Lithuania is the perfect fit. A close-knit community, highly skilled and creative talent, and strong support for the sector.

Reasons to choose Lithuania

Tech talent

Talent that helps you excel

Lithuania is home to an IT talent pool that continues to grow year by year. Universities are the main drivers of this growth, working closely with the Lithuanian technology sector to deliver programs that produce a constant flow of industry-ready professionals. Complementing this flow are the growing numbers of skilled Lithuanians returning from abroad, and the junior developers entering the market every year thanks to retraining programs and coding courses. Not only that, the country is also attracting a growing number of international professionals that find exciting job opportunities in our vibrant tech ecosystem. Lithuania’s highly educated, skilled and multilingual workforce is a key factor for companies choosing Lithuania to develop and scale their global technology businesses.

  • Software Developers
    software developers in Lithuania
    Source: Invest Lithuania, 2021
  • Graduates
    graduates from universities and colleges annually
    Source: Ministry of Education, 2021
  • 2.5K
    graduates from requalification programs annually
    Source: Invest Lithuania, 2021
  • Women Engineers And Scientists
    1st in the EU
    for the share of women scientists and engineers
    Source: IMD World talent ranking, 2020

Infrastructure that’s made
for innovation

Lithuania is a place where global technology companies can innovate, test their innovations and scale rapidly. In addition to a diverse talent pool, Lithuania offers cutting-edge research from top universities and attractive R&D tax incentives, as well as access to a range of sandboxes across different sectors. These sandboxes allow companies to test and pilot new projects, improve their technology and showcase their products to a functioning market. Enabled by the world-class infrastructure and a goals-driven talent pool, global IT players have everything they need to nurture innovative solutions to match the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Collaboration
    1st in CEE
    for university-business collaboration in R&D
    Source: Global Competitiveness Report, 2019
  • STEM Education
    ¼ of students in Lithuania
    enrolled in Science, Mathematics, Computing and Engineering
    Source: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, 2019
  • Ranking
    Ranked 2nd globally
    by Bloomberg for 'tertiary efficiency', which includes enrolment in higher education and the number of graduates in key innovation sectors
    Source: Bloomberg innovation index, 2020

Test and pilot your new products

  • Energy Sandbox
    Energy Sandbox
    Launched by Ignitis Group, this initiative provides free access to the infrastructure and data to energytech companies.
  • Fintech Sandbox
    Fintech Sandbox
    Launched by Bank of Lithuania to test new financial technology products under the guidance and supervision of the regulator.
  • Proptech Sandbox
    Proptech Sandbox
    Realbox accepts applications from PropTechs around the globe to test their business ideas in a live real estate industry environment.
  • Open Banking Sandbox
    Open Banking Sandboxes
    Available through major commercial banks (Swedbank, SEB, Medicinos bankas) to allow companies develop next generation digital solutions through APIs.

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