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Lithuania. Focusing on your success in the age of Industry 4.0
Explore: Industrial machinery Explore: Industrial machinery
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Explore: Industrial machinery Explore: Industrial machinery
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Industrial machinery in Lithuania at a glance

With pools of multi-lingual talent in software development and IT as well as traditional competencies in mechanical and electronics engineering, Lithuania has the range of expertise needed for thriving Industrial Machinery & Equipment manufacturing operations today and tomorrow. And this is complemented by highly-developed infrastructure, a strong hardware supply chain and excellent quality-to-cost ratios – all the ingredients for success in the age of Industry 4.0.

  • Top Locations For Manufacturing
    Among top locations globally
    Manufacturing Risk Index
    Source: Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Risk Index 2022 Report (13-24 place among 48 countries ranked)
  • GDP
    of Lithuania’s total value added is generated by manufacturing
    Source: Lithuanian Statistics, 2021

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Reasons to choose Lithuania

1. Untapped talent pool

Lithuania’s flexible education system, where the content of study curriculums in both universities and vocational schools can be adapted to meet industry needs, ensures that the knowledge our young talents have directly matches your day-to-day demands. And that’s not to mention the top notch IT talent that is on hand to foster state-of-the-art IoT manufacturing.

  • Speak English
    of young professionals are fluent in English
    Source: Estimates for 2022 (20-34 age group with higher education) made by Invest Lithuania based on Population Census, 2011
  • Manufacturing Graduates
    #4 in EU
    in science, math, computing, engineering, manufacturing and construction bachelor graduates per young adult population
    Source: Eurostat, 2020
  • Education
    of the population aged 25-34 has a higher education (4th in the EU)
    Source: Eurostat, 2019 data
  • Engineers
    students enrolled in Engineering fields
    Source: National Agency for Education, 2022

2.  Modern and reliable infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, Lithuania has all bases covered. From high-quality roads and logistics hubs to reliable networking solutions, the country is well-connected and can answer all of your business needs.

Airports Railways Port
Airports Railways Port
  • 3

    International airports

  • Klaipeda State Seaport

    the most northerly ice-free port on the Baltic Sea

  • Rail System

    with connections to Western Europe and Asia

FEZ In Lithuania

Free Economic Zones

With 7 Free Economic Zones (FEZ) ready for business at the moment, Lithuania has the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.

Free Economic Zone companies are subject to a facilitated tax regime.

Greenfield Investment track record shows that in some FEZs >80% of new-comers exceed their initial plans within two years.

Lithuania could be your best choice for

  • IoT
    IoT equipment
    Combining its IT-prowess with experience in manufacturing Lithuania smoothly facilitates state-of-the art IoT development and production, which is aided by strong and committed government support for R&D.
  • Automation Equipment
    Automation equipment
    Lithuania boasts a full pipeline of engineering students with backgrounds in electronics and automation, plus longstanding competences in these areas and a thriving informatics sector: all of which means it is ready to meet any automation challenge.
  • Metal Processing And Machinery
    Tech-enabled production lines offer flexibility and high-quality levels while innovative engineers drive new solutions, helping companies to stay ahead of the curve and become leaders, not followers, of market trends.
  • Components
    Leveraging its deep traditions across a range of production processes (including welding, milling, drilling, stamping, forging, bending, welding, pressing, turning, and moulding), Lithuania is perfectly placed to help you achieve your production goals today.

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