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We would like to assure you that Lithuania stands firmly with Ukraine and is prepared to offer safety to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Lithuania has mobilised its national institutions and is actively seeking ways to support Ukraine.

The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine in Kyiv is open.

Arrival of Ukrainians in Lithuania

At the moment, the first arrival point for most citizens of Ukraine is Poland. If you wish to come to Lithuania from there, Lithuanian volunteers can offer transportation services. Fill in the form here or call +370 677 22222 to organise transport to Lithuania for yourself and your loved ones.

Citizens of Ukraine may arrive in Lithuania on their own if they have the opportunity.

If Ukrainian nationals and their family members arrive in Lithuania from Poland as persons in need of humanitarian assistance, they should register at the Registration Centre in Alytus. Ukrainian refugees and their family members who do not have a valid travel document will be issued a foreigner’s registration certificate until their legal situation is resolved. Those who do not have a place of residence will be taken to temporary accommodation.

At this stage, crossing the Ukraine-Poland border is possible under any circumstances, even without a valid visa. Moreover, Ukrainian refugees are not required to submit travel documents, health insurance and other documents required to enter Lithuania. Citizens of Ukraine holding a biometric passport may come to Lithuania and stay for up to 90 days without a visa. No action will be taken by the Migration Department if citizens of Ukraine find themselves in Lithuania after the deadline to extend their living permit or visa. Even those who have received a resolution to leave Lithuania can stay and wait for further information from the Migration Department.

Employment of Ukrainians in Lithuania

From March 1st, 2022, new legal procedures are in force, aimed at facilitating more favourable conditions for Ukrainian refugees looking to live and work in Lithuania.

  • 1. What are the current legal requirements for Ukrainian refugees to be employed in Lithuania?

    Ukrainian citizens that enjoy visa-free travel or hold a valid Schengen visa, as well as those who have obtained a national visa or temporary residence permit issued on humanitarian grounds in Lithuania, have the right to work and are exempt from the obligation to acquire a work permit.

    After arriving and receiving humanitarian status, citizens of Ukraine can immediately start working in the same way as Lithuanian citizens. There are no requirements for any additional documents. Employer will check the qualifications of employees. Humanitarian status is granted within 1 month.

  • 2. How can citizens of Ukraine apply for humanitarian status that is required for work?

    Upon arrival from Poland in Lithuania, Ukrainian nationals and their family members should register at one of the Registration Centres operating in Lithuania.

    Once a foreigner has been registered, he or she will receive detailed information about the possibilities of staying in Lithuania and will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit or a national visa for humanitarian reasons. No state levy will be charged for examining applications for a national visa or a temporary residence permit. Moreover, refugees from Ukraine will have the right to emergency medical care and other necessary personal health care.

    Those who do not have a place of residence will be taken to temporary accommodation.

  • 3. Can Ukrainian refugees be self-employed?

    Yes, if the Ukrainian citizen possesses a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, a national visa or even just a Lithuanian alien registration certificate, they may register as self-employed and receive a self-employment certificate form the State Tax Inspectorate (STI).

    To access STI services, please visit STI service units. Pre-registration for a visit is required through the online STI registration system. If you cannot register online, please reserve a time slot for your visit by calling +370 5 2191 777 (press 6).

    More information on types of professions and the recognition of professional qualifications in Lithuania can be found here.

    You can find information on self-employment opportunities here.

  • 4. How can Ukrainians find a job in Lithuania?

    The main job search portals in Lithuania will now filter their job advertisements according to whether the job is suitable for Ukrainian war refugees staying in Lithuania.

    Lithuania has set up support mechanisms for Ukrainian refugees looking to find employment in Lithuania.

    Ukrainian citizens can receive 2 993 EUR for relocation expenses if they:

    • have an open-ended employment contract (without a fixed termination date) with a company based in Lithuania.
    • receive an average gross monthly salary of at least 1752 EUR (2.4 times the minimum Lithuanian monthly salary) for the past 3 months or more. If the company’s average salary is higher, then the employee’s salary must be equal or higher than the company’s average salary.

    Eligible Ukrainians can apply for the financial incentive after 3 months of working in Lithuania. To apply, contact the Lithuanian Employment Service.

    Sources to look for job opportunities:

Information for businesses

Lithuania stands firmly with Ukraine and its people. While the borders of Lithuania remain open to war refugees, all our institutions have mobilised to launch complex aid and support mechanisms for those fleeing the war.

COVID-19 regulations

Persons entering Lithuania are not subject to COVID-19 restrictions. Masks or respirators are not mandatory.

Find more information on COVID-19 in Lithuania here.

Where to stay? Short and long-term stays

One of Lithuania’s priorities is to help those seeking asylum. Municipalities in Lithuania will offer accommodation to refugees. We’ll continue updating this information here. For other options in Vilnius, check the  “Stiprūs kartu” (Strong Together) project, where volunteers offer accommodation, or look into one of the options listed below.


Airbnb and are the main platforms to look for short-term accommodation. Currently, vacancy rates are high, and we have a lot of options for short-term stays.


You can search for flats and homes online using the following platforms: Aruodas, Domoplius, Rebaltic.

Settling in a Lithuanian city

Lithuania welcomes all Ukrainians fleeing the war. The three major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda – have dedicated pages with most up-to-date information on relocation, accommodation, and living practicalities relevant to Ukrainians coming to Lithuania.

  • Information for Ukrainian citizens, prepared by Lithuania’s Migration Department

    The Migration Department hotline: +370 5 271 7112

  • Assistance for newcomers by International House Vilnius

  • Information on employment in Lithuania by the Lithuanian Employment Service

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