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For your gamedev business growth. Go Lithuania.

For Gamedev we are the perfect fit. Small enough to get things done well and done quickly. And with highly skilled talent, creative and inspired people and a sense of community that blends the best of East and West – there’s no better place to be right now.

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Reasons to choose Lithuania


  • Game Developers
    people directly involved in game development activities in Lithuania
    Source: Lithuanian Association of Game Developers, 2021
  • ICT Specialists
    ICT specialists employed
    Source: Government Strategic Analysis Center, 2020
  • Graduates
    IT graduates in 2021
    Source: Ministry of Education, Sciences and Sport, 2021
  • Gamedev Study Programs
    GameDev study courses
    at 6 universities and colleges
    Ministry of Education, Sciences and Sport, 2019


  • Gamedev Companies
    GameDev companies in Lithuania
    Source: Lithuanian Association of Game Developers, 2021
  • Revenue
    149M EUR
    Annual revenue of the Lithuanian game development industry
    Source: Lithuanian Association of Game Developers, 2021

Quality of life and
creative environment

  • Vilnius
    is among the top 10 most affordable EU capitals to live in
    Source: Mercer’s Cost of Living Study, 2021
  • Short Trip Away
    A short 2-3 hour flight away
    from most major European capitals
  • Public Wifi
    Unparalleled public internet access
    work wherever you want, whenever you want

Digital infrastructure: fast,
reliable and affordable

  • Technical Skills
    5th globally
    by availability of digital/technological skills
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2021
  • 4G Coverage
    Leaders in 4G
    One of the best in 4G Internet coverage in the EU and worldwide
    Source: DESI report, 2020
  • Wifi Speed
    public WiFi in the world
    Source: Ooma, 2020
  • Fiber Optic Coverage
    2nd in the EU
    for fiber optic (FTTP/FTTB) coverage
    Source: FTTH Council Europe - Panaroma, 2019

The biggest industry events

  • LT Game Jam

    The largest 48-hour marathon of creating games in the Baltics. Held annually along with Global Game Jam.

  • LT Game Awards

    An award ceremony celebrating Lithuania’s game industry achievements, releases and honorable mentions. Held annually.

  • Gamedev Meetups

    Knowledge-sharing events, featuring talks from diverse game developers and networking. Held regularly.

  • The Games Industry Law Summit

    Three days full of community interaction and industry-focused panel discussions by games industry’s legal and business professionals, with 200 attendees from 30 countries.

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