237 (September, 2021)
2018, Kaunas FEZ
Manufacturing of lighting electronics components

Hella has been in business since 1899 and is on the list of the 40 biggest suppliers of car components in the world and in the top 100 biggest industrial companies in Germany.

For its 14th factory worldwide it chose Kaunas Free Economic Zone. After a construction period lasting a little less than a year, in 2018 HELLA started production across some 7,000 square meters of production space.

Initially, the plant focused on manufacturing lighting electronics components. Its product range was later expanded to include fuel control modules and turbine air pressure actuators for all petrol cars on the European market. There are plans to further expand the production of electronic components for energy management. Over time, the number of employees is intended to increase to 250. The overall investment volume until the finalization of this expansion phase will be in the mid double-digit million euro figures.

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Nadežda Bausienė
Head of Manufacturing Team