The MedTech Industry in Lithuania

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Explore: The MedTech Industry in Lithuania Explore: The MedTech Industry in Lithuania
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  • Lithuania’s MedTech capabilities
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Explore: The MedTech Industry in Lithuania Explore: The MedTech Industry in Lithuania
  • Why Lithuania
  • Lithuania’s MedTech capabilities
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Lithuania’s MedTech sector is flourishing, driven by a unique intersection of medical and engineering expertise, coupled with advanced software development and manufacturing capabilities. This thriving ecosystem supports innovation across medical diagnostics, AI/ML in imaging, 3D printing, sensors, IT, and laser technologies, making Lithuania a prime destination for MedTech investments.

  • GDP is generated w2
    of Lithuania‘s GDP is generated by the Life Sciences sector, with the goal to generate 5% of GDP by 2030
  • Industry growth w
    Lithuania’s Life Sciences industry grows by 22% on average annually
  • Medtech w
    #2 and #3 in the EU
    Both Vilnius and Kaunas excel in the MedTech industry, ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively in the EU.
    Source: Startup Ecosystem Report, 2024

Strategic Advantages of Investing in Lithuania’s MedTech Industry

Robust Talent and Expertise illustration

Robust Talent and Expertise

Lithuania boasts a highly skilled workforce with a strong focus on STEM education. This ensures a continuous supply of top-tier talent ready to meet the demands of the MedTech industry.

  • STEM students
    1 in 4
    students enrolled in tertiary education study a STEM discipline
    Source: Eurostat, 2021
  • Digital skill availability
    1st globally
    for digital skills availability
    Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2023
  • Education efficiency b
    2nd globally
    for 'tertiary education efficiency’, which includes enrolment in higher education and the number of graduates in key innovation sectors
    Source: Bloomberg Innovation Index, 2020
Booming Innovation Ecosystem illustration

Booming Innovation Ecosystem

Significant investments in R&D infrastructure have positioned Lithuania as a hub for innovation. With state-of-the-art facilities in science valleys and strong expertise in developing groundbreaking technologies, the country provides fertile ground for creating cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

  • R&D spending

    3rd among OECD countries

    for Biotechnology R&D spending intensity (as % of value added).

    Source: Labiotech, 2024
  • International award

    Internationally recognized breakthroughs in research, from Professor Virginijus Šikšnys’ contributions to CRISPR technology development (Kavli Prize, 2018) to Professor Arminas Ragauskas’ development of non-invasive human brain injury monitoring devices (European Inventor of the Year, 2016).

  • R&D incentives

    Generous tax incentives for R&D activities, including:

    • 3x R&D cost deduction
    • 5% reduced corporate profit tax for patented products.
A Growing Hub of Clinical Research illustration

A Growing Hub of Clinical Research

Lithuania offers an attractive environment for conducting clinical trials, with swift approval processes and two of the country’s main hospitals – Vilnius Santara and Kaunas Clinics – in close proximity. Phase III trials are particularly popular, with research areas focusing on gastroenterology, oncology, and endocrinology.

  • Fast application

    Streamlined and EU-integrated 2-step clinical trial application process enables companies to receive approval within 60 days

  • Access to CRO companies

    Access to highly qualified local and leading international CRO organizations such as Paraxel, IQVIA, Cureline, Covance, and Biomapas.

  • Access to talent and data

    Top-tier clinical talent, wide-scope access to anonymized secondary clinical data, and extensive partnerships across the region make Lithuania a go-to choice for clinical trials for companies such as AstraZeneca, La Roche, Bayer, Sanofi, Novartis, and others.

Lithuania infrastructure map2

Strategic Location and Cost Advantages

Lithuania offers a cost-efficient base for medical device manufacturers, providing competitive pricing compared to Western Europe. Located at the logistical center of the Baltics, Lithuania also offers easy access to the EU market, ensuring efficient logistics for MedTech companies.

    • Airport g

      Lithuania’s 3 international airports and 1 cargo-only airport provide access to major European locations within 2-3 hours.

    • Port g

      Klaipėda’s ice-free port is the largest port in the Baltics, able to handle up to 70 million tons of cargo annually.

    • Railways g

      Rail connections to Western Europe and Asia. The Rail Baltica railway will connect Finland to Poland for both passenger and freight traffic by 2030.

  • Annual labour cost comparison for a standard medical device manufacturing facility

Lithuania’s MedTech Capabilities

Medical Device Manufacturing Illustration
Diagnostic imaging Illustration
Research, Prototyping and Testing Illustration
Future Medical Technologies Illustration

Medical Device Manufacturing

Highly qualified talent, top-tier infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment allow Lithuania to excel in manufacturing single-use devices, durable medical equipment, and in vitro diagnostic products. Global segment leaders like Hollister, Intersurgical, and Esco Life Sciences have all selected Lithuania as their primary location in the region and are continuously expanding operations.

Diagnostic Imaging and Patient Monitoring

Lithuania’s strong medical competencies, particularly in radiology, are rapidly merging with its growing capabilities in AI and ML, creating a conducive environment for innovation in diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring. The country’s network of hospitals and universities supports this growth, exemplified by companies like Oxipit, which developed the first fully autonomous AI medical imaging application.

Research, Prototyping and Testing

The combination of a rapidly growing market, strong engineering capabilities, a continuously improving regulatory environment—particularly in clinical trials—and access to secondary clinical data has made Lithuania a top choice for clinical trials, medical device prototyping, and other MedTech industry-supporting services.

Future Medical Technologies

Lithuania is making significant strides in emerging fields such as biosensors, wearables, and bionics. This progress is made possible by the country’s strong interdisciplinary workforce and university-industry partnerships, supported by 100,000 academic professionals and students from the Santaka and Santara Science Valleys, two major science hubs situated just an hour apart.

MedTech Companies in Lithuania

International Success Stories


Local Innovators


Join Lithuania’s Thriving MedTech Industry illustration

Join Lithuania’s Thriving MedTech Industry

Lithuania’s MedTech sector is a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation, quality, and growth. With a strategic location, a highly skilled workforce, and robust governmental support, Lithuania offers unparalleled opportunities for MedTech businesses seeking to innovate and expand.

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