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Explore: Vilnius region Explore: Vilnius region
  • Exclusivity of the region
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Explore: Vilnius region Explore: Vilnius region
  • Exclusivity of the region
  • Industrial competences
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Track record


Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania and home to two thirds of the country’s IT talent, as well as the majority of its technology universities and colleges. Vilnius is also a hub for software development, IT, R&D, and computer game development. It has been recognized as the best city for GBS in CEE for the previous five years in a row. Vilnius has now become the destination of choice for many top companies, including Danske Bank, Western Union, Nasdaq,, Outokumpu, Telia and Moody’s. Furthermore, Vilnius University, in co-operation with the Santara Valley Science and Technology Park, is able to offer the talent and infrastructure that are essential for the development of life sciences and biotechnology businesses.

Exclusivity of
the region

  • 1
    Vilnius is ranked as the Nr. 1 City in the Tech Startups FDI Attraction Index .
  • 2
    It is the best location for shared services and outsourcing since 2014 .
  • 3
    Vilnius is among the top 5 most affordable EU capitals to live in for expatriates.
  • 4
    Vilnius is renowned as the ‘Athens of the North’ for its rich artistic traditions.


  • Life Sciences
    Life sciences
    Enzymes, medical devices for respiratory support, molecular biology products, generic and innovative pharmaceuticals preparations, and food supplements.
  • Fintech
    Payments & Remittance, Digital Banking, Financial Software, Regtech & Identity, Lending. 95% of Fintech in Lithuania is in Vilnius.
  • Electronics
    Electronics & optics
    Scientific and industrial lasers, optical parametric amplifiers, solar cells and modules, metering equipment, wireless controllers and remote fleet management systems.
  • GBS
    Shared services & BPO
    Financial services and shared service centers (IT).
  • Software Engineering
    Software engineering
    Digital advertising solutions, cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence based solutions, game development, cybersecurity solutions.

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