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Explore: Kaunas region Explore: Kaunas region
  • Exclusivity of the region
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Explore: Kaunas region Explore: Kaunas region
  • Exclusivity of the region
  • Industrial competences
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Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest provider of qualified engineers in the country. With its strong ties to business and long experience in servicing the region’s largest companies, KTU is an essential player in providing talent as well as infrastructure and researchers for collaboration in R&D activities. The city is perfectly accessible by road, rail and air. Kaunas FEZ, a hub of logistics and advanced manufacturing, is conveniently connected to the airport.

As a producer of top talent in the fields of humanities, social sciences and IT, Kaunas is the ideal destination for SSC development. Internationally acknowledged as CEE’s “Emerging city of the year,” Kaunas holds great untapped potential for growth.

Joint interdisciplinary R&D, conducted by city-based health specialists and engineers, has helped Kaunas become a hub for companies and startups in the fields of healthcare, medical technology, and medical devices.

Exclusivity of
the region

  • 1
    36% of Kaunas’ 50k student pool studies in the engineering, manufacturing and construction fields .
  • 2
    Kaunas County received two awards in the prestigious ranking of the most attractive European Cities and Regions for the foreign investment of “fDi Magazine”.
  • 3
    Starting from the end of 2016, Kaunas’ office market will receive a huge increase in stock (150% growth) and by the end of 2019 it will climb over 200.000 sqm in total.
  • 4
    Having 534 hectares of industrial development area, Kaunas FEZ is the biggest FEZ in Lithuania .


  • Electronics
    Advanced electric and mechanic engineering
    Automotive components, electric vehicles, charging points and parts, computer vision systems, electronic components and industry automation solutions.
  • Life Sciences
    Medtech and Life sciences
    Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical trials management, healthcare software, embedded software and imaging software.
  • GBS
    Shared Services
    Fully self-sustained IT processes, F&A, HR, medical coding, analytics, customer services and other support functions.
  • Software Engineering
    Cloud-powered solutions, mobile development, UI and UX design, e-commerce solutions, web development platform, software solutions for engineering, F&A software and IT security solutions.

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