Economic overview

Lithuania: all you need to know

Part of EU and NATO

Part of EU and NATO

since 2004

Part of Eurozone

Part of the Eurozone

since 2015

Stable and west oriented government

Stable, west and business oriented government

Globally ranked player

Ease of doing business

16 out of 190 countries evaluated

Ease of Doing Business

Global competitiveness index

41 out of 137 countries evaluated

Global Competitiveness Index

Index of Economic Freedom

19 out of 180 countries evaluated

Index of Economic Freedom

Environmental performance index

23 out of 180 countries evaluated

Environmental Performance Index

Corruption perception index

38 out of 176 countries evaluated

Corruption Perception Index

Ease of paying taxes

18 out of 190 countries evaluated

Paying Taxes Ranking

Real GDP growth

Unemployment rate

Inflation rate


Average hourly wage

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