Alytus region

Sparkling centre for manufacturing
Explore: Alytus region Explore: Alytus region
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Explore: Alytus region Explore: Alytus region
  • Exclusivity of the region
  • Industrial competences
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Track record


With its long history of top-quality textiles production, the Alytus region has successfully adapted to the modern market and continues to produce high-end textiles, upholstery and soft furnishing.

Alytus is home to the only refrigerator producer in the Baltic Sea Region and has a well-established record in manufacturing electrical appliances.

Alytus Industrial Park, which is managed by the local municipality, can guarantee a fast set-up for all manufacturing facility construction projects. Famous for its natural springs and outstanding scenery, the resort town of Druskininkai is a prime location for the wellness and rehabilitation industry.

Exclusivity of
the region

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    Alytus region is the second most student-populated region in Lithuania by number of vocational education students per capita .
  • 2
    Alytus is the only region in Lithuania which has a specialized regional career development centre, called “Karjeras”. This centre is a great collaboration platform between municipal, business, education and labour market entities. “Karjeras” is going to be a pillar in preparing the right talent in the region.


  • Machinery And Electric Equipment
    Machinery and electrical equipment
    Refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, stainless steel products, storage tanks and pressure vessels, and electronic components.
  • Wod Processing
    Wood processing and Furniture
    Prefabricated houses, timber processing, wood pellets, upholstered and wooden, furniture, furniture components, mattresses and foam production.
  • Metal Processing And Machinery
    Technical textile and ventilation solutions, furniture upholstery, home textile, knitwear, sportswear, and apparel.

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