Telšiai region

Fueling the future

Key facts


The region‘s economic engine is the oil refinery – „ORLEN Lietuva“. This company, located in Mažeikiai, is the biggest producer of petrol products in the Baltic States.


The presence of the oil industry has led to the development of the metal working and machinery industries.


The region is home to the two largest domestic dairy brands — Žemaitijos pienas and Pieno žvaigždės — producing products that cover the entire scope of dairy production. Regional competence is so high that the local brand Ingman has recently been purchased by Unilever.


Lithuania’s largest fish processing and fish, surimi, and culinary product manufacturer, Vičiūnai Group, has established its largest manufacturing plants in Plunge district, where there is a large talent pool of experienced fish processing professionals.

Industrial competences

Oil processing

Gasolines, diesel fuels, fuel oil, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, bitumen, and elemental sulphur.


Dairy, fish and meat products.

Wood and furniture

Upholstered furniture, solid oak and veneered oak furniture.

Metal processing and machinery

Starters and alternators, agriculture machinery, household equipment, polished wire, nails, and fitting parts.

Labour pool

Labour pool


Labour pool

Unemployment rate


Unemployment rate

Average monthly salary

748 Eur/month

Region average salary


Telsiai region map

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