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Telia establishes a group service centre in Vilnius

October 27, 2017

Swedish telecoms giant Telia is to establish a Centre of Excellence in Vilnius which will provide a wide spectrum of services to companies in the Telia Group. The new centre will be a core element of Telia’s global operations, providing IT, tech and other internal services to Telia offices, which are located across Northern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia.

Telia’s new centre will be located in the K29 business centre in Lithuania’s capital, where the company has leased a total of 4,500 square meters of office space on a long-term basis. Along with those serving the whole Telia Group, this office will also accommodate the team from Telia Lietuva, Telia’s existing operations centre in Vilnius which employs almost 100 IT professionals.

“The successful operation of Telia Lietuva, and the competitive advantage it offers providing all telecoms and IT services as a single operator, is one of the main reasons the group has chosen Lithuania,” explains Kęstutis Šliužas, the Manager of Telia Lietuva.“The new Centre of Excellence will be a platform for greater integration with the entire Telia Group, facilitating the sharing of the latest technologies and knowledge.”

For Marius Ivanauskas, Manager of the Telia services centre in Vilnius, Telia’s new centre will bring cutting edge technologies and processes to Lithuania’s services sector. “Now we will have a services centre which uses state-of-the-art technology – it will really stand out. The telecoms sector is one of the leading sectors in terms of technological and process development, and this will be a strong advantage in attracting the best IT specialists,” argues Mr. Ivanauskas.

Another reason Telia chose Lithuania as the location for its new services centre is the availability of skilled professionals capable of working on projects with a global scope.

Mantas Katinas, director general of the investment development agency Invest Lithuania, maintains that one of the most effective ways to attract foreign investment is by targeting service centres operated by companies who already have a presence in the country.

“Telia is primarily known in Lithuania as a telecoms, IT and content service provider,” Mr Katinas points out. “However, the company saw that Lithuania has greater business opportunities to offer, and decided to relocate an important part of its internal operations here. It is clear that Lithuania remains a very attractive location for shared services, and is leveraging all its potential in this area.”

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