Yazaki expands in Klaipėda, looks to hire 400 new employees

Sep 29, 2017
Yazali expansion in Lithuania
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Yazaki, the manufacturer of automotive wire harness systems, is expanding its production capacity at Klaipėda FEZ. The Japanese company plans to hire 400 new employees, both as production line workers and specialists, to produce wire harnesses for Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) motor vehicles.

“The decision to assign the Daimler project to the facility in Klaipėda was made in light of the company’s successful operations and work culture. Over a period of 20 years, no wire harness shipment has been returned nor have there been any quality claims from Volvo customer, which is known globally for its benchmark quality. Furthermore, our employees working in other countries are seen as diligent, responsible, committed and honest employees. Many specialists from our departments continue their careers successfully at Yazaki Group divisions in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, etc.),” Jurgita Galinskienė,  Deputy General manager of Yazaki Wiring Technologies Lietuva, said.

The thriving company plans to employ production line workers and engineering staff – technologists, electronic specialists, automation specialists and electrical engineers. The company will provide qualifications for all new employees and the licences required for a particular operation.

Currently the company in Klaipėda produces wire harness systems for Volvo and Renault trucks. The daily output is 500 truck cabin wire harness sets, or 10,500 truck cabin sets per month. About 500 wires are used for average single truck cabin. As a result, more than 5 million wires are used per month, total 14,000 km in length.

“Yazaki is an important employer in the Klaipėda region. Although the majority of employees come from Klaipėda, some also come from Kretinga, Šilutė and other districts. This latest significant expansion will therefore contribute to the reduction of unemployment in these districts. It will also allow young and prospective engineers to pursue international career opportunities,” Minister of Economics Mindaugas Sinkevičius said.

“In recent years, Yazaki has stood out in the fast-growing Lithuanian car component cluster as one of the first foreign investors in the sector in Lithuania. In view of the company’s experience in Klaipėda and its Toyota management model, large foreign investors have gradually begun to trust the prospects for the automobile component sector and consider higher value-added development in Lithuania,” Mantas Katinas, general director of Invest Lithuania, said.

Yazaki is the largest manufacturer of automotive wire harnesses in the world. The company has 487 branches in 45 countries and 289,000 employees worldwide. Its branch in Lithuania currently employs more than 1,000 production workers and specialists.

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