Callcredit Operations to expand scope of functions in Kaunas

Mar 14, 2018
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Callcredit Operations, a subsidiary of the Leeds-based credit reference agency Callcredit, which operates a service center in Kaunas, will likely expand the scope of its functions.

“We have already signed a contract for additional space rent in Kaunas Žalgiris arena. After the premises are prepared, we should occupy almost 800 square meters of additional space to the 2500 sq. m. we are currently occupying. I am saying “should” because I have not yet received official confirmation from our main office,” says Marija Vaičiulytė-Balčė, HR Manager at Callcredit Operations.

The growth of Callcredit Operations follows the trend of other similar Lithuania-based subsidiaries controlled from headquarters abroad. The UK-based company is planning to carry out more functions from Kaunas, which creates a need to hire 20-30 more employees in 2018. Both the scope of operations and revenues should grow accordingly.

“A new team of analysts should be joining our company, alongside several other professionals,” the company’s HR Manager told Verslo žinios.

Callcredit Operations provides services to its parent company as well as to external clients. For now, all of them are based in the UK, but the parent company is expanding to other markets as well. The company has recently acquired Spanish fraud and anti-money laundering software solutions business Confirma.

One of the main objectives of Callcredit is helping financial institutions and banks to collect data about their clients’ creditworthiness. Currently, Callcredit is UK’s second largest credit reference agency (CRA) that employs over 1,300 professionals across Leeds, London, Stockport, Warrington, and Kent, with international offices in Spain, the U.S., Dubai and Lithuania.

Source: Verslo žinios

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