Untapped Potential for Automotive Industry

Lithuania has all the right ingredients to guarantee your automotive manufacturing growth: a highly educated yet unsaturated pool of young dynamic talent, large blue collar workforce, convenient logistic links to Eastern & Western Europe, and a high cost to quality ratio. Add to this a business environment that is tuned to the needs of Automotive Manufacturing, and you’ll understand why Lithuania is the ideal location for building your business.

They have chosen Lithuania:

Why Lithuania is your top option for
automotive manufacturing?


Young highly qualified talent

Lithuania’s talent pool of 1.5 million people has the highest education level in the European Union. The country is also among the Top 5 EU countries in terms of the number of young people, many of whom are keen to work in the manufacturing, engineering, and construction sectors.

A multilingual, diverse, and dedicated workforce:

  • >80% of young professionals are fluent in English
  • >50% of population speaks at least two foreign languages
  • 1st globally for the proportion of women in the workforce
  • Reputation of foreign controlled entities result in low annual labour turnover rate averaging from 4% to 6% throughout manufacturing industry companies

Qualified and sufficient white-collar pool:

  • 2nd in the EU: 54% of the population aged 25-34 has a higher education
  • 9,500 higher education engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates enter the market annually
  • 44,800 specialists employed and 34,800 students enrolled in Engineering fields

Blue-collar pool trained to meet your manufacturing needs:

  • Potential 10-15% adjustment of the vocational education training (VET) programmes according to your company’s needs
  • 100% adjustable non-formal and continuous VET programmes
  • Lithuanian educational system is tailored according to the European Qualification Framework standards

Logistics: fast connection infrastructure

Logistics: fast connection infrastructure

Lithuania’s location, coupled with its flexible, well-developed logistics networks, allows for fast, efficient, and cost-effective delivery to EU and CIS markets.

  • 1st in CEE for quality of roads
  • Rail cargo services direct to Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, and Asian countries (incl. China)
  • 3 International Airports
  • Access to major European cities within 2-3 hour flight
  • As short as 0 lead time for freight to Scandinavian countries
  • Largest in the Baltic States Klaipeda ice-free 5 m deep port, handling up to 65 million tons of cargo annually

International logistics companies in Lithuania

Egelmann Schenker dpd itella Kuehne+Nagel DSV DHL hellmann Ups Rhenus Logistics TNT DFDS Seaways delamode Raben

Cost & quality combined

Ranked alongside Ireland, Germany, Switzerland for its business environment, Lithuania can also guarantee a fantastic cost to quality ratio.


Average gross monthly salary (Eur), 2016

Cost & quality combined

Business friendly environment

With 6 Free Economic Zones (FEZ) ready for business at the moment, Lithuania has the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.
Greenfield Investment track records exhibit >80% of new-comers exceeding their initial plans within two years in some FEZs.



Business friendly environment

Tax Incentives

Support Measures

HR Invest +

  • Up to 50%
  • Up to EUR 3,000 per employee or up to EUR 500,000 per project
  • Eligible costs: trainers’ or trainees’ costs, short-term assets, advisory services, travel expenses (excluding accommodation costs)

Smart Invest + R&D activities

  • Up to 50-65%
  • Up to EUR 3 million
  • Eligible costs: contractual research, material, supplies, personnel costs, knowledge, patent purchase, long-term asset depreciation

Smart Invest + R&D infrastructure

  • Up to 25%
  • Up to EUR 6,5 million
  • Eligible costs: construction, reconstruction, and long-term assets
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